"Monuments tell history and stories", and the park of Schloss Leopoldskron harbors a lot of stories. In the 1920s Max Reinhardt, founder of the Salzburg Festival, bought the rundown building as well as the property next to the pond and built an extravagant open air stage and neo-baroque park, complete with a garden theater and artificial ponds. It was here that Reinhardt wanted to realize his vision of baroque theater performances.

A huge grass lawn with sculptures, opulently decorated marble vases, small fountains, ponds and hedges were situated in front of the theater, which included an orchestra pit and balustrades. To complete his creation Reinhardt bought baroque sculptures from different Austrian palaces and parks. In 1931 the garden theater was inaugurated with the play of Shakespeare’s "Twelfth Night or What You Will". The first (and unfortunately only) performance had to be interrupted due to a thunderstorm and heavy rain. After Reinhardt went into exile because of the Nazi occupation, the park degenerated and was buried in oblivion. Over the years the vases and sculptures sank into the boggy soil and were heavily weathered.

The “Bundesdenkmalamt” (Federal Monuments Office) worked together with Salzburg Global Seminar on this historic site to rescue, refurbish and arrange 55 sculptures. In addition a 900 square meter segment of the grass lawn with a moat and path was reconstructed. Guided tours through the historic park are offered to the public on the annual "Day of the Open Garden". All guests of Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron have the opportunity to explore the park and discover the multiplicity of sculptures at their own leisure.




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