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Schloss Leopoldskron offers in its exclusivity versatile, historic premises from 60 m² to 175 m².

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The blooming ground floor of Schloss Leopoldskron

Grow, bloom and flourish will come to mind when thinking of redesigning a garden in spring. And of course, a lot can flourish in a 17-acre palace park, which is why the transformation of the park and, as a first step, the redesign of the garden parterre likely represents our most ambitious renovation project to date.

Originally laid out in the 1960s, the ground floor does not do justice to the palace in many ways. The focus of the redesign is therefore on a variety of species, blooming all year round and in terms of shape better suited to the baroque palace.

The Royal Garden Academy Berlin has been commissioned with the redesign and has been planning it for over a year. At the meetings last year at Schloss Leopoldskron, the team around Gabriella Pape, the founder of the Garden Academy, was captivated by the beauty of this place. "We let Schloss Leopoldskron and the park work on us and devoted ourselves to its authenticity with great passion," says Cord-Siegfried von Hodenberg, the project manager for the redesign of the central parterre. The current concept then matured based on the historical design: on the one hand, old plans were studied, similar gardens from the 18th century were used as a comparison, photos from the time of Max Reinhardt were evaluated and the current situation - that it is not just an ornamental ground floor but should also be used - included. “Our approach is always to combine tradition with modernity. In the past, builders only built the very latest and most modern. We also see it as our task to think and interpret the gardens entrusted to us in a new and modern way.” says von Hodenberg. “For the project at Schloss Leopoldskron, however, we always think about the entire ensemble and consider what is possible here. The monument and the garden are always related to each other, which, historically speaking, has always been a unit."

The current designs harmonize the formal language of the palace and the garden, so that the inside and the outside can be experienced as one unit. Stucco elements from the building serve as a source of inspiration and - in a simplified form - are used as a design element. The newly designed garden appears airier, more spacious, and the plants also come into their own.

When choosing the plants, great importance is attached to sustainability! Of course, as many old plants as possible should be preserved. At the same time, the box tree moth is active in Salzburg and has destroyed large parts of the boxwood population, unfortunately also in the park of Schloss Leopoldskron. "As an alternative to the old box trees, which unfortunately could not be saved, we will plant yew trees," explains Cord-Siegfried von Hodenberg. "This way, the look is preserved, and we are doing nature a huge favor with, as this plant is extremely robust and can grow very old".

What should also be achieved through the redesign is an increase in the quality of stay. In addition to a space that can be ideally used for receptions, there will also be other seating options to linger. “Of course, we would like this area of the park to be revitalized and used. As an invitation to everyone who is in the palace, from Salzburg Global Seminar Fellows to hotel and event guests. It is such a beautiful place. A place to fall in love with!” enthuses von Hodenberg.

The renovation work will begin on Monday, June 14, 2021 and will last up to and including Friday, July 16, 2021. During this time, the South-facing area between the palace and the pond down from the terrace, including the two seahorses, will not be accessible. In addition, during the renovation - at least at the beginning - noise from construction machines can be expected from around 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.