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Schloss Leopoldskron offers in its exclusivity versatile, historic premises from 60 m² to 175 m².

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Are you looking for an impressive backdrop for your conference, conference or celebration in Salzburg?

Feel free to contact us at +43(662)83983-0 or by e-mail at

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Are you looking for a stunning backdrop for your meeting, conference, or celebration in Salzburg?

We offer a wide range of different function rooms: At Schloss Leopoldskron there are modern conference rooms, magnificent banquet halls, and rooms with a historic atmosphere – ideal for meetings, discussions and presentations, as well as corporate events, weddings, and Christmas parties. The surrounding grounds border a small, idyllic lake – perfect for refreshing breaks and short walks.

Our experienced team will help you plan and coordinate your event at Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron.

Parker Hall

Located in the Meierhof, the 163 square meter Parker Hall features a generous layout along with two window fronts, one of them facing the idyllic lake. The room offers a variety of uses and is ideal for exhibitions and larger events.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Parker Halle15070355015,50 x 10,504,3m163

Cone Conference Room

Located in the Meierhof, this room is ideal for smaller meetings or conferences.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Cone Conference Room---2410,50 x 4,803,2m51

Robison Gallery

Located on the top floor of the Schloss, this generously sized, historic conference room features stunning views of the Hohensalzburg fortress.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Robison Gallery10059344413,60 x 10,605,8m144

Seminar Room 1,2,3

The adjacent Seminar Rooms 1-3 are located on the second floor of the Schloss and are perfect for working groups. Each room features plenty of natural daylight and an elegant atmosphere.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Seminar Room 1402518248,00 x 7,404,9m59
Seminar Room 2402518248,00 x 7,404,9m59
Seminar Room 3402518248,00 x 7,404,9m59

Bernard Stuart Room

An elegant meeting room with inspiring views of the Untersberg.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Bernard Stuart---127 x 3,504,3m24,5

McGowan Room

The historic McGowan Room, located next to the Chinese Room in the Schloss, is allegedly the birthplace of the Salzburg Festival. It is ideal for small, exclusive meetings or conferences.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
McGowan Room---128,40 x 8,005,1m67

Chinese Room

Ideal for elegant get-togethers and exclusive meetings in the palace.


RoomTheaterParliamentU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Chinese Room---128,40 x 8,005,1m67

Marble Hall

The Marble Hall with its 172,5 square meters features an impressive atmosphere. Used primarily for daily breakfast, delegate lunches, and gala dinners, this unique room with its two balconies offers striking views both to the Hohensalzburg fortress and the idyllic lake and majestic Untersberg.


RoomTheaterCocktailRound TablesLong TablesDimension (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Marble Hall-1501303616,90 x 10,2010,5m172,50

Venetian Room

The Venetian Room in the Schloss with its golden wood panels and mirrors offers an unparalleled atmosphere for intimate dinners and candlelit soirées. This room is world-famous as the setting for the ballroom in the movie "The Sound of Music".

The adjacent, elegant White Room features stunning views over the idyllic lake and majestic Untersberg. Combined with the Venetian Room it is ideal for larger dinner parties.


RoomTheaterCocktailRound TablesLong TablesDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Venetian Room-6036208,50 x 7,205,2m61

Great Hall

The exclusive Great Hall on the ground floor of the Schloss is suitable for a variety of uses, like breakfast meetings, brunches, Christmas parties, receptions, civil ceremonies, wedding parties, or many others. This room has direct access to the terrace and Schloss garden and features stunning view of the idyllic lake and majestic Untersberg mountains.


RoomTheaterCocktailU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Great Hall /
100150--10,20 x 10,004,1m102

Max Reinhardt Library

The Max Reinhardt Bibliothek offers an elegant atmosphere and is perfect for lectures, book presentations, readings, or press conferences for up to 50 guests


RoomTheaterCocktailU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Max Reinhardt Library50---16,00 x 6,005,1m96

Office Max Reinhardt

Max Reinhardt's original office has recently been made available as a meeting room and is ideal for small, discrete discussions and meetings for up to four guests.


RoomTheaterCocktailU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Office Max Reinhardt----3,00 x 4,504,2m15


Lit up only with sunlight and candles, the chapel is the perfect setting for exclusive weddings for up to 30 guests. The adjacent Great Hall and Schloss Terrace offer the ideal setting for the most beautiful day in your life.


RoomTheaterCocktailU-ShapeO-ShapeDimensions (m)RoomheightSurface (m2)
Chapel-30--7,50 x 7,5010,4m60